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Hello and welcome to Airborne Wildlife Control Service formerly Nevada Pigeon Control, operating in Las Vegas since 2008. Our mission is to provide the most advanced and effective pigeon control service in safe, humane, and environmentally responsible ways. You’re probably here because you have a pigeon problem. You’ve come to the right place! Our business is the only of its kind in Las Vegas. Want to know why? Please visit our “About Us” page for details.

Our website will probably give you more information than you’ve ever wanted to know about pigeons (and other wildlife, too!) but we believe that the best way to solve a pigeon problem is to understand everything there is to know about pigeons, their behavior, and their life cycle. As Sun Tzu might say, “Know thy enemy!” Please visit our “Pigeon Facts” page if you’re curious. In all seriousness, I have to ask you to not think about pigeons as just dirty, disease-ridden rats with wings, as people often describe them.

They are actually intelligent, social, highly adaptive, and don’t carry as many diseases as people may think. In fact, many people keep pigeons as pets and give them vaccines, clean their lofts regularly, and feed them food designed especially for pigeons, just like any other pet. It is unfortunate for feral pigeons that in large numbers their feces is ugly, caustic to building materials, and harbor dangerous bacteria and fungi that can negatively affect human beings. Then again, you may be experiencing these problems first hand, which is why you’re here. Please see our “People vs. Pigeons” page for more information about the property damage and possible health risks feral pigeon infestations can lead to.

If you’ve been shopping around you’ll notice that many pest control companies make similar if not identical claims about the effectiveness of their services. We address all of these advertised treatments, methods, and applications along with our own practices on our “Pigeon Control Services” page. While there are many reputable pigeon control companies to choose from, you’ll have to sort through businesses who copycat off of established, proven models but may not really understand pigeons or pigeon control well enough to adapt to each property’s individual needs.

They may claim to have a “one and done” solution or a “secret recipe” product that will pigeon-proof your property. The truth about pigeons is that they have wings and there will always be new birds passing by in search of one of the four key attractors: food, water, shelter, and safety. If your property has any of these four things, you will have pigeon activity no matter how many unsightly plastic owls, spikes, nets, and supposed “pigeon repellents” you have.

We pride ourselves on providing fair and competitive rates so that you can appreciate the value of what we do. We are happy to offer you a free property inspection and estimate along with a customized pigeon control plan tailored to your needs. Also, when you sign up with us, we will issue you a Certificate of Compliance to prove to health inspectors and anyone concerned that
you have an active control and prevention plan to keep pigeons away from your property and customers.

Again, you’ll find more details on “Pigeon Control Services” page or you can “contact us” now to schedule your free inspection. Even if you do not choose Airborne Wildlife Control Service for your pigeon control needs in the future, we thank you for selecting a provider that will only use humane, environmentally friendly means to remove pest birds from your property. Please insist that poisons NEVER be used in order to prevent secondary or unintended loss of life to pets or wildlife.

See our “FAQ” page for information about the dangers of poisons for bird and rodent pest control. Have more questions and can’t find the answer on our website? Visit our “FAQ” page or give us a call and we will be happy to speak with you directly. Again, thank you for visiting Airborne Wildlife Control Service!

Civon and Dave Kanellis

Fromm Dave Kanellis:

So here you are about to read a bunch of info about how we operate and why we are the best choice for your pigeon problem. You can go to just about and reputable pigeon control company’s website and see that we all say a lot of the same things. Well, maybe jumbled up and flipped around, but approximately the same nuts and bolts are there.

Pigeon Control Services

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“We provide pigeon control and/or raptor abatement services for a dozen casinos on the Las Vegas Strip as well as many other apartment complexes, HOAs, retail centers, and other commercial properties. References available upon request!”


Our FAQ section is super simple. Just click a question to view the answer. That’s it! Have fun.
Q: Why are you better than your competition?
A: First of all, we are adamantly opposed to the use of poisons or any other inhumane method of removing pigeons from your property. Poisons inevitably affect endangered predatory birds in the ecosystem, for example, owls, hawks, and even ravens who come across dead or dying pigeons. Even household pets are at risk if they come in contact with a contaminated bird.

Also, we understand pigeon behavior, the elements that attract them, the seasonal landscape materials that create temporary food sources for them, the types of shelter are attracted to, and just about everything else there is to know in order to do the job you need.

We have several exclusive methods for addressing your pigeon control needs, as well as the industry standard trapping and netting methods. We enforce the new county ordinance making it illegal for individuals to actively feed pigeons. We maintain our state and federal permits to allow us to use captive bred birds of prey as natural deterrents to haze, harass, displace, and occasionally capture pigeons from your property. Pigeons quickly recognize that plastic owls are not a threat; only the real thing has the desired effect and no one else has them. We come to your property on a regularly scheduled basis to reinforce the idea that your property is not a safe habitat for pigeons to settle, even if your property is otherwise a pigeon paradise. Bottom line is, we have all of the usual tools of the trade but better understanding of why some methods work better than others in different situations, and more importantly, we have some extra and exclusive tricks up our sleeves that none of our competitors in Las Vegas possess.

Q: Why don’t you do residential properties?
A: First of all, be careful hiring any pigeon control contractor to remove pigeons from your house without understanding that it will likely be a “one and done” temporary fix. If something about your house is attractive to one pigeon, it will attract another. You will more than likely have to hire someone again and again to remove new birds that try to settle down where you don’t want them and that can become expensive. We don’t service an individual house in a typical neighborhood because even though we are very effective at removing pigeons, there is a limit to what even we can
do. In a residential neighborhood if you’re having a pigeon problem the chances are so are your neighbors. Also, there’s a chance one of your neighbors is feeding pigeons either on purpose or unintentionally if they have outdoor pets that the pigeons steal food from. While we can come in and make your house the most undesirable one on the street and subcontract cleanup and custom exclusions, I feel we can’t give you the quick and permanent solution you’re looking to achieve by being a solo client in a neighborhood of people who are basically working against us. Since I am an extremely honest contractor and not willing to make promises or claims we might not be able to keep, we don’t even pretend to be able to handle a single home in a neighborhood and don’t want to take your hard-earned money for a service that will probably underwhelm your expectations.

We completely know pigeons and know infested neighborhoods are a setup for failure unless the whole HOA is on board and agreeable to the service. We have successfully controlled pigeons in entire subdivisions because we have room to work, authorization from everyone to operate across all of the homes in the neighborhood, and are able to remove birds up and down all of the common areas thereby establishing a no-fly zone that pigeons eventually learn to stay out of. Again, for a single house it’s nearly impossible, but for an entire neighborhood with the HOA’s blessing it’s game on!

Q: Why do you call yourself a humane society?
A: Many ask why we call our business a humane society when we permanently remove pigeons. How can that be humane? Well, first and foremost, pigeon populations have to be keep in check otherwise they will quickly overpopulate for the resources available which leads to unhealthy, sickly birds starving and spreading diseases much more quickly than they already do including to other native wildlife. Starving to death is a very sad way for them to go. Our methods to remove pigeons are intentionally quick and as painless as possible to prevent unnecessary suffering. Since capture and release can’t work and pigeons breed uncontrollably in urban settings, the dangers of overcrowding will quickly reduce the quality of life of all birds including other native species that share the urban habitat with feral pigeons. Permanently removing them without harming other native wildlife is necessary, bottom line. So that leaves us with only one choice—to trap and/or dispatch them in the most humane and ethical ways possible. Also, we are the only pigeon control company in Las Vegas that can claim to be recycling or re-purposing a portion of the removed pigeons for raptor food. Using the
removed pigeons for food is arguably a much better (green) way to dispose of them rather than sending them to the local landfill to be a complete waste. Others might claim they do the same, but ask them to show you pictures of their bird of prey facility or get a statement from a facility saying they are in fact receiving pigeons for food. We are aware of some copycat companies using similar claims to ours, but we are the only ones that we
know of currently that can actually back them up with hard evidence. Bottom line is, it’s simple math that one pair of pigeons can turn into hundreds
very quickly if left unchecked. By removing just one pair we can prevent a hundred more from being hatched and turning into a nuisance themselves.