Raptor Education / Entertainment

We are happy to offer our education, entertainment, and demonstration services for FREE to any Government (local, state, and federal), Law Enforcement, Fire Department, or Military organization as long as we have the birds and time available. We live here in Clark County and believe in giving back to our community and supporting the agencies that keep us going and keep us safe. We will make all reasonable attempts to accommodate your requests and add some flare to your special event!

Raptor Education and Entertainment:

For legal reasons I have to warn you that the rules are different for native and non-native (exotic) species of birds of prey. There are different permits for education and commercial entertainment work depending on which species are being used. Native and non-native species are regulated very differently by USFWS, and we are very serious about following all State and Federal laws completely.

Free Flight Raptor Education Program:

Native and non-native raptors

While this was our focus several years ago and we are experienced and have the correct raptors, our current work model is strictly for abatement services. While I do have several birds ready for free flight demonstrations, it takes a lot of training and time to prepare an actual scripted education program. This isn’t something we can do at a moment’s notice. However, given the right proposal with reasonable time to prepare, and if we believe we can meet your expectations, we would be happy to discuss this option further.

Static Education:

Native and non-native raptors

This would be for us to provide raptors on the gloved fist with no free flight. This is great for picture taking, basic raptor facts and up-close education, and maybe an unscripted talk with Q&A opportunities.

Resort/Hotel Falconry Experiences:

Native and non-native raptors.

What started out as nuisance bird abatement at high end resort-style hotels, golf courses, outside dining, and wedding venues has evolved into a twofold project maximizing positive public relations for properties experiencing pigeon, seagull, grackle, and sparrow problems.

We can provide both harassment and hazing measures to pest birds with trained raptors and also provide opportunities for mini falconry education classes that allow hotel guests the chance to see these amazing trained raptors up close, get pictures, and ask questions. This type of work is seasonal—fall through late spring—and is usually a weekend service when guest numbers and interest are highest.

Entertainment / Movie work:

Non-native raptors ONLY

  • Trade shows
  • Conventions
  • Special events
  • TV Commercials

This is work we can usually only do from September to April as our birds need to take the summer off to relax in swamp-cooled flight cages and grow brand new feathers for the new year. Like us, they prefer to lounge around when it’s hot out and wait for cooler weather to return. Feel free to call and let us know what you need and we will make every reasonable attempt to help you out. The safety and well-being of our birds is always our priority, but we do love good opportunities to show them off!