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David Kanellis, Field Supervisor of Airborne Wildlife Control Service

David Kanellis. Recycled Pigeon
David Kanellis. Recycled Pigeon

Seven years ago, I began working for Nevada Pigeon Control and was immediately recognized as an invaluable member of the team due to my extensive experience with pigeons and birds in general. At the time I had nearly three decades of direct experience with raising and trapping pigeons, raptor education, and was comfortable talking with the public. I also had years of wildlife training experience and knowledge about various federal and state wildlife laws. On top of that, I can identify protected vs. non-protected species which reduces the legal liabilities for both our company and properties that hire us. Most people are trained on the job for this type of work, but I came in over-prepared.

In the spring of 2017 my wife and I had the opportunity to purchase Nevada Pigeon Control from the founder, Nephi Oliva, who wanted to move on to other unrelated business ventures.

From the day I started working for Nephi I saw the value in the business model he created and believed then what I believe now, that we provide the best service in this line of work because we know pigeons better. Our home is Las Vegas, we take pride in our work, and we have more experience and specialized training than anyone else in Las Vegas. Thank you for getting to know us and for considering Airborne Wildlife Control Service for your pigeon maintenance needs. We have a great group of dedicated employees and are ready to help you!

David Kanellis, Wings over the Springs at Springs Preserve